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About the Symposium

The International Symposium on Communication and Technology with its Philosophical Dimensions will be held in Istanbul on 14-15 January 2023 as a platform of thought that brings together different disciplines.

The aim of the symposium is to philosophically analyze the effects of technologicalization and digitalization, which led to the information revolution, on media, communication, human thought and social life, thus contributing to the understanding of what is going on, and making predictions about the technological future. It is also expected that this international symposium will bring together social thinkers and philosophers who are interested in the background of digital communication and technologicalization.

Technology as a tool and language is considered within the scope of research of many disciplines, especially that of communication studies. In this symposium, answers are sought to the questions of how technology, which is an output of science and theoretical knowledge, transforms daily life and social formations, and how philosophy deals with this transformation.

Symposium, which is a joint organization of Society of Academic Research on Informatics (SARI), ISophos Journal and Kedidedi Publishing; It will be enriched as a platform for philosophical studies on technology with the participation of experts from different disciplines on new IT-centered themes and titles to be determined in the coming years.

The Opening Session of the Symposium, which will be held with the participation of Prof. Dr. David Gunkel, Prof. Dr. Thomas A. Bauer, Prof. Dr. Hacı Mustafa Açıköz, and Prof. Dr. Selahattin Halilov will be a call to philosophical reflection on communication and technology.

The Symposium Abstracts Booklet will be published as an e-book with ISBN. The full texts of the papers will be published in the next issues of the international academic journals AJIT-E and ISophos. No additional fee will be charged for publications.

The symposium languages are Turkish and English.

Symposium Topics

  • Digital Activism
  • Smart Societies and Society 5.0
  • Philosophy of Informatics
  • Informatics Ontology: Augmented, Virtual, and Tele-Reality
  • Digital Anthropology, Transhumanism, and Posthumanism
  • Digital Religion and Spiritual Studies
  • Philosophy of Digital Education, E-Learning
  • Digital Ecosystem and Environmental Philosophy
  • Digital Labor and the Transformation of Labor
  • Digital Ethics and Robotics Ethics
  • Digital Ethnographic Studies
  • Digital Games, Gamification, and Game Philosophy
  • Digital Art and Art Philosophy
  • Digital Consumption Culture
  • Digital Citizenship, E-Democracy, and E-Governance
  • E-Sports and Sports Philosophy
  • E-Commerce and New Business Models
  • Futurism and Technological Future
  • Animal Cognition and Animal Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Communication and Theories
  • Internet Philosophy
  • Globalization and Digitization
  • Social Networks and New Communication Environments
  • Social Media Phenomena
  • Techno-Psychology Research
  • Technology Addiction
  • Philosophy of Technology
  • Technology and Language Interaction
  • Space and Time in Technological Cities
  • Data Epistemology: Datafication and Big Data
  • Philosophy of Mind, Artificial Intelligence, and Intelligent Systems 

Event Speakers

Supporting Organizations

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